Warm Floors


We provide Underfloor electric heating system on the basis of amorphous metal strips. This system can be mounted directly under the marble adhesive layer or just below the floor. We are waiting with interest to present customized offers and advantages of using radiant heat. We offer installation and warranty record 15 years.

Heating systems can be installed in almost all types of flooring: tile, marble, stone, cement, parquet, floor, carpet, wallpaper, grass. The main features of these types of heating systems are superior heating performance, reliable source of warmth, versatility (or customized series production), durability / reliability, energy saving, convenient solution for any location, adaptability to any floor surface high energy transfer, reduced cost of insulation.

Heating systems sold by us are unique, modern, revolutionary, versatile and effective, both in terms of technology, especially in terms of comfort and reduce excess costs of acquisition, installation and operation. Systems rely on tapes / ribbons of amorphous metal alloys derived from space technology. The guarantee of these systems is 15 years and electricity prices and consumption are extremely low! Waiting to be convinced.